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Carbonneau’s may be the name on the truck, but the Shea family has been at the helm of this family-owned business since 2001. Under ownership of Michael Shea, Carbonneau’s has become South Florida’s top window and door installation company by consistently delivering quality workmanship, timely completion, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service at every stage along the way.


Impact windows are designed to withstand extreme weather and enhance security. Made with impact-resistant glass and sturdy frames, they offer protection against storms and break-ins while improving energy efficiency and reducing noise. Ideal for hurricane-prone areas, they provide safety, durability, and peace of mind.


Impact doors are engineered to withstand severe weather conditions and boost security. Equipped with impact-resistant glass and robust frames, they provide protection against storms and break-ins, and enhance energy efficiency and noise reduction. These doors offer safety and durability making them perfect for homes in South Florida.


Window and door repair services specialize in fixing and restoring all types of windows and doors, ensuring they function smoothly and securely. Whether it’s broken glass, damaged frames, or faulty locks, professional repair services enhance energy efficiency, improve security, and extend the life of your windows and doors.

Carbonneau’s home repair company is a locally owned company and has been operating in Tri-county area since 1974. Our company has established a solid status through provision of top quality home revamp services in this area.

Carbonneau’s home repair company has professional craftsmen who complete your job in a timely manner while maintaining a clean, neat, professional working environment. We deal with various kinds of home improvements and repairs such as windows repair and door repairs for your rental houses.

As you are aware, there are many home repair contractors available in the county area but there non that can compare to Carbonneau’s Windows and Doors Company. We are confident of giving you the best services on your doors and windows thus leaving you satisfied. In addition, we ensure that your instructions are followed to the letter by giving our customers the utmost attention.

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