Josephine Clarke – Executive Manager

Josephine Clarke

Josephine Clarke is the Executive Manager at Carbonneau’s Home Repair. She holds a Master’s Degree in Government. She has the overall responsibility for the smooth, effective and efficient running of the office. She handles the permitting, customer & vendor relations, communication, and all other executive, administrative and managerial functions.  

She is a dedicated and friendly professional, a Notary Public who possesses strength of character and integrity. Her goal is to drive the company towards greater growth, success and development in accordance with the President’s mission for quality installations, service, and greater customer satisfaction, as it grows and expands its clientele. 

Josephine has a passion for building quality client and customer relationships, for promoting outstanding professional workmanship among the Install Teams as they service the Window and Door industry in the installation of high quality work. 

She has experience in Operations Support Administration, Pricing, Permitting, Communication, Industrial Relations, Mediation, Arbitration and Customer Satisfaction. She answers the telephone with a smile in her voice!  

Josephine loves humanity. In her spare time, she does motivational writing about her deep love for God, and is involved in Christian Ministry.